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Meta-Analyses of Brain Training for Over 50s: A Review

Scientific interest in brain training designed to maintain or improve cognitive functions in the aging brain has been rapidly increasing over the last decade. Numerous studies have shown that neuroplastic change in brain connectivity and function is considerable up to very old age (1, 2, 3, 4). In this review I will be reviewing the peer-reviewed literature […]

Review of 2014-2015 Meta-Analyses on Working Memory Training for IQ and Working Memory

For some quick definitions, general intelligence (g) is how smart we are, a single factor underlying our general cognitive ability. Working memory is our ‘mental workspace’ that stores and processes task-relevant information. It is the interface between the current focus of attention and long-term memories. interface between the current focus of attention and long-term memories. Executive control is our […]

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IQ, Working Memory, Cognitive Performance and Resilience Test Battery App

download free test battery app (no cost) To activate the app use: 1208-56e63d2d5e9d0f578d77ef5bf8bb1a60 Instructions This app is designed for pre and post- brain training measures of cognitive performance, using scientifically validated brain training apps such as i3 Mindware 2G+ It can also be used freely for valid measures of your IQ, working memory capacity and decision-making […]