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IQ, Working Memory, Cognitive Performance and Resilience Test Battery App

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This app is designed for pre and post- brain training measures of cognitive performance, using scientifically validated brain training apps such as i3 Mindware 2G+

It can also be used freely for valid measures of your IQ, working memory capacity and decision-making competence, whether or not you do any brain training.

HRP Lab Test Battery

The assessment app consists of a battery of three scientifically valid, standardized scales for different aspects of cognitive performance:

  • IQ test for fluid intelligence  
  • Working memory capacity test 
  • Decision-making competence  test  
  • Cognitive resilience test – 2 minutes
  • Attention Focus and Flexibility
  • Processing speed
  • Memory

IQ Test

The IQ test items have been generated using the Sandia Matrix Generation Software. The items have been scientifically validated by Matzen and colleagues (2010).

Working Memory Test

The working memory capacity test is an implementation of the Operation and Symmetry Span tests – a complex span task – developed by Turner and Engle (1989).

Decision-Making Competence Test

This test has been developed and validated by Dr Mark Ashton Smith (HRP Lab). A technical report can be downloaded here.


This app requires that you first install Adobe AIR (here).

Download the free cognitive performance testing app here.

NOTE: If you have issues downloading this app from this webpage, e-mail admin@iqmindware.com and I will send a licence key and download link direct to your e-mail.

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